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Over the years, A/V engineering changes and I struggle to keepup. As "techie" homeowner, I am usually behind the curve, ha.

After I purchased and up to date TV, WD-82740 Mitsubishi, I needed an up to date A/V receiver and purchased the Yamaha RX-V371. These were added to an older Bose speaker systen, System 3 + 5, for my 5.1 sound system and the Xbox and BD player and PC and 2 DirecTv DVRs.

This was to become my ALL HDMI system. Everything works well OTB. I hadn't planned how my Sennheiser analog wireless headpones were going to connect!! Looking at my new devices, the Mits and the Yammy; I thought I would have a more up to date method. WRONG!

Turns out the Yammy's HDMI "out' which feeds the Mits, didn't mean HDMI inclusive; but, HD Video out, as the older Monitor out! So no audio piping to the Mits. And the Mits has a "digital audio out"! I didn't realize that there was no audio until today after talking to Yamaha tech. He thought it was obvious that it meant monitor out and suggested using the headphone jack. Well that shuts out speaker output. The reason for the headphones was due to the differences in my wife "excellent" hearing and my degraded level. Thus, I needed the Bose system to work while I used the headphones.

I, then, have gone back to the older method of porting analog audio from my 2 DirecTv and Computer. The Yammy only has 3 analog inputs. I had purchased a GeFen decoder DAC to use from the Mits digital out to the GeFen to the headphones and then found out there was no Dolby feeding from the HDMI out on the Yammy!

I sorry for the long windedness; but felt, I had to explain the journey. The Yammy tech said that I was not going to find any digital feedthrus on "entry level" A/V receivers????????? So trading receivers may not be an option. I did find one the has 4 analog inputs. But, I really want to go the digital route so that I do not lose the Dolby sourcing?

Any Ideas out there?

"Lost in Space"

UPDATE: I have since found that there ARE entry priced receivers that pass thru digital audo on the HDMI out of the receiver. But, they seem to vary on how they impliment that feature.

More tomorrow.

UPDATE: It's tomorrow. I went back to basics and connected video to video and audio to audio with the best quality choice in mind. I split the input into my wireless headphones: one is straight analog audio from my computer thru the Yammy receiver and the other is digital coax audio from my Mits coax output thru the Yammy receiver. Now I have Dolby Digital from my Bose speakers for my two DirecTV DVRs and DAC for my headphones. My Xbox and BD player are DD from the Bose speakers only since they connect to the Yammy HDMI only. I did change the Xbox to component out and connect direct to the Mits and have Headphones, also.

Hope this helps someone?

UPDATE: When hearing the audio thru the headphones using the digital signal from the GeFen; I have a slight delay. Confusing to me?
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