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Not sure exactly where to post this question... but here you go...

So I was thinking... since my wife hates my new HT system in the morning and at night because I "play it too loud?!", maybe I should look at options. Ok, so the in wall 1500 watt subs are mounted on the opposite side of the wall from her bedroom... so maybe I get it!
So my preamp blew and I won't have the budget for another $3k unit until next fall so I am looking for options...

I am 90% watching movies over Direct TV. All 5.1 DD from a Genie receiver that has analogue (RCA) stereo out and also has Optical out. It does have an HDMI that is going to the TV.

Question: Would it be better for me to use the stereo out of the Genie to feed my Musical Fidelity X-Can v2 headphone amp and then out to my Grado RS-1's?


Use the Coax Digital output to something like a Schiit Bifrost, which I think takes a coax digital in and then to the RCA analogue inputs on the MF X-Can 2 to the Grado's?

I want to keep this project under $500..preferable $100-300

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