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headset for VC

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My requirements for a headset for videoconferencing has increased over the Beats earbuds I currently use. There are several problems with the beats:
1. When I am riding in a car, I'm using my iPhone7 as a source and the sound is not loud enough. Because of Apple's stupid decision to eliminate the audio jack, I have to use either Bluetooth or their Lightning connector adapter. In both cases, I cannot be connected to power while using them.
2. When I am at home and using my laptop, the same problem, except that I can control the background noise better. But sometimes the people on the other end are very quiet.
3. The lack of chargeability while using them makes them lose their charge on a cross-country flight.
4. And, more appropriate for this board, the sound quality is not too good.

The features I would like is a hard-wired connection to a battery-powered amplifier which I could feed from my computer or my iPhone. Problem 1 might be helped by getting a noise-cancelling model. I would like to listen to music in bed, so the desired phones can't be too big.

Thank you for your consideration.
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Belkin makes an adapter that lets you charge and use a headset at the same time. Apple sells it, even.

And why can't you charge when you use Bluetooth?
And why can't you charge when you use Bluetooth?
It's that if you plug the charging cord into the Beats earphones, the sound stops. I asked Apple about this and the tech support person said that it's designed to do that. These earphones only have Bluetooth connectivity.
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