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recently i wired my house for gigabit connection and placed a few computers at different tv's around the house to stream movies from my media center pc. all has worked great except i have a question about the small form factor i stuffed in the upstairs living room area. it is an optiplex gx620 it had a ati hd2600xt card which ran great for over a year, but then suddenly the video stopped working; i took it apart to find the plastic area around the fan melted and two transistors blown apart. so i picked up an ati hd 4650, ive since paid much closer attention to the heat now and the case feels very warm directly above the video card but not anywhere else on the box. the small form factor has so little room in it that video card is pressed right up against the hard drive. should i be concerned this one will overheat too or am i just being paranoid now?
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