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Height Speakers - Advice needed!

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Hi all,



I'm finally getting my man cave, and i'm erring on the side of getting some height speakers for my set up. My question is: Should I, and if so, what should I get?



I have an old (but beastly) 5.2 JBL HT-1THX set-up (3 X HT-1F, 2 X HT-1D, 2 X HT-1S)


I'm running a Sony STR-DN1030 which powers the 5 channels, with the subs powered by some old Yamaha amp taking the sub out from the Sony, and running the subs in stereo (on large).



I also have a 90" projection screen going up with a viewing distance of 3m (39 degree viewing angle), so i want to make use of the wall, and i think that i will be close enough to appreciate the height channels. My receiver supports Dolby IIz, so it's a shame to not use it.


I'm currently looking at some JBL Control 1 speakers because they are small, cheap, and I figure that anything coming out of these speakers will be in the mid-high freq range. Are these likely to be a nice fit or do i need something a bit beefier to match the rest of my set, or should I not bother with height speakers at all?
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