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Hi everyone,

So I need a network expert to help me. I had purchased a X500 a month ago and I love it, even though technology is changing quickly and there are "cooler" products out there, I like this one for now. Although the GUI sucks!

I hope helios can come out with a faster better looking gui thats HD!

So here is my network question:

1. Originally I had movies on my laptop that runs of a wireless signal to the router and I had my X5000 connected via a wireless signal as well. All DIVX AVI movies worked fine but DVD 5 and 9 signals were choppy due to "congestion".

Thoughts: The wireless router has 5 ports which are all taken (10/100) and one of the ports on the 2wire wireless router goes to another switch which distrubutes signals to another 5 ethernet connections.

I tried getting powerline ethernet for the X5000 and linking directly to the port on the router (by extra switch) and this did not solve the problem.

My initial diagnosis is that the problem is that the router cannot handle too much streaming directly and the traffic is getting congested at entry to the router and not the exit.


I have just purchased a Dlink NAS with a hard drive; I will connect this directly to the internal network switch 10/100) and then to another wireless router (extreme N). Then I will have the X5000 pick up the new signal ...

ANY THOUGHTS if this will work? I realize I have put a lot into this but I am just trying to find a way to regularly download movies save them on the network and access them and I want the X5000 to use wireless.

(additional info: i have streamed DVD 5 and 9 overwireless to the X5000 without issues when I turn off the other wireless components that are using the signal).

Please HELP!


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