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Helios X5000 opinions

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Good morning.

I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on a Helios X5000. Looking for real world input from users. How do you like it, how does it work streaming, etc. etc.

Any input that you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Also, one other thing... could someone that actually owns this give me the dimensions.

Thanks for all the help.

Or, would I be better getting a TiVX HD-M5000U

So many toys, so little time.
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I'm also keeping an eye on this one. I've owned a Momitsu in the past which is also based on the Sigma chip so I don't expect the picture to be the best but vary watchable. I already have a Panny RP82 which puts out an outstanding picture but I need something with USB 2.0 capability. I followed the Zensonic Z500 since it came out but it just had to many bugs and issues so now they have renamed their company and plan to sale basically the same buggy player in the US. I guess selling a product that works when purchased is passé. The new things is, buy it, hope it partially works, and then wait for firmware update or for company to disappear. Please keep us informed on your finding should you go ahead with the purchase. I've read everything about this player on the forum but we need more user feedback.


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Originally Posted by Fraza
...we need more user feedback.
Which won't appear until the product does! It's not released yet.
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