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Hi everyone,

I've just purchased my first FP (Epson 6500UB) and was wondering which screen frame and surface of the following two is deemed more preferbale for this projector:

1. DaLite Cinema Contour with a High Contrast Cinema Vision screen, or

2. Draper Onyx with HiDef Gray screen?

Light in the room where the screen is to go is relatively controlled but I have a white ceiling and light cream walls.

I have seen the Onyx and liked the contrast scale with the Hi Def gray screen but there's no dealer nearby that displays the HCCV (which I've read good things about?)

Does any one have a comparison or have any idea of the pros/cons of each screen.

Also, has Draper changed its screen fabric over the last few years because a review I read (dated 2004) didn't rate the HiDef Gray highly and rated the HCCV as a much more 'contrasty' (is there such a word?
) screen ?

Thanks in advance.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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