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Hi all,

I have my PIO 5071 for about a month now. Since day one I had experienced many difference settings including D-Nice break-in setting. However, I found that none of these settings were even came close to my current setting. I just want to share my TV's setting with you and hope that you share yours so we can do the comparision. I have an OTA antenna connected to ANT A and SD Dish Network connected to ANT B. Here is my current setting for both ANT/SAT TV and SD DVD player:

Main Menu

AV Selection: STANDARD

Contrast: 28

Brightness: 0

Color: -5

Tint: 9 GREEN

Sharpness: -3

Pro Adjust

Pure Cinema: STANDARD

Color Detail

Color Temp: MID

CTI: Off


DNR: Off


Power Save Mode: Standard

H/V Position Adjust: Verical +2

Thanks for sharing!

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My settings are very similar to yours. I think most people have contrast set too high, IMO it causes alot of white crush - I notice it alot in like the white jerseys of football players, no detail just super white.

My brightness is a few notches higher.

My color is a few notches lower.

I keep tint in the middle.

I keep sharpness higher (depending on the source), anywhere from 0 to +3. On poor quality sources I notice sharpness artifacts (and I may turn it down), on good HD content I don't.

I change Pure Cinema depending on my source.

I'm pretty happy with my settings, but I notice some problems that I'm having a hard time correcting. I notice some black and white crush, depending on the source and some red push.

I'm planning to purchase a colorimeter (probably the Eye-Pro Display2, not sure what software I'll use yet), and calibrate the panel myself using the service menu + user controls. It should be a good learning experience, I've already purchased the service manual so I know where all the color and greyscale controls are in the service menu.

I also have a blue filter coming in the mail, so some of the basic AVIA/DVE color & tint screens may cause me to change my settings.
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