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HELLRAISER on HDNet - Great PQ, but it's cut

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Watched it the other night. HELLRAISER on DVD is good, but HELLRAISER in HD and DD5.1 kicks major ass. Except for the fact that HDNet Movies was showing the R rated version. There were some noticeable cuts. But we are not going to get Unrated stuff on cable, so we must suck it up. :)

There was some print damage, but I prefer that to using DVNR as a clean-up method, which softens the picture.

SCANNERS is on in June. Hopefully we can get one cult classic a month from Mark Cuban!
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Scanners! Something to look forward to, indeed!
I've seen R rated movies on HD-Net Movies that are run uncut, but then they run the same movie on HD-Net edited. If you were watching HD-Net you should expect the edited version. I think it's because HD-Net is still used as a demo for some stores.

Edit--Sorry noticed you were talking about HD-Net Movies. I guess if they have to choose between the R rated version and the unrated version they go with the R rated version.
Funny. For some odd reason I thought Scanners was shot on video. Maybe its just a Canadian film.
Hellraiser was not "cut". As you said, it was the R rated version.. The problem is that the unrated versions have been the only ones around for so long that we have all but forgotten what the R rated version looks like anymore... The version showing on HDNet IS the uncut R rated version (if that makes sense).

And kudos to them for showing it.. even at an R rating the movie is still incredibly violent... but still a cult classic if you like this sort of thing.. god I love my HD Tivo.
Dammit, I missed it.

When will it be on again? i do not even see it on the hd.net site...

I love this movie.
Hellraiser was cut. The R rated cut IS exactly that... CUT. It was cut my the MPAA, against the wishes of Clive Barker.

Please not I am not crying about it. I still watched it and will watch it again, as I recorded it. The PQ was great for an older low budget film.
Originally posted by Matt_Stevens
Hellraiser was cut. The R rated cut IS exactly that... CUT. It was cut my the MPAA, against the wishes of Clive Barker.
Huh? :confused:

We usually use the term "cut" to refer/compare to what was seen (or not seen) in theaters. In 1987, the USA 'R' version was shown in USA theaters. This same version was shown on HDNet Movies; hence it was "un-cut" 'R' version as borghe stated. Yes Mr. Barker "cut" more of the raw footage out in order to get the 'R' rating for the release - But it was released (in this country, anyway) as 'R'.

WHEN does this come on HDNet again? I really want to see it but do not see it listed on their site.....anyone???
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