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Guys this is driving me nuts.

I bought a Asus 4670 video card yesterday because it has a HDMI which i use to connect to my Sony 46" W4100. I set up the extended desktop mode in Catalyst Control Center (DVI to my 20" LCD monitor and HDMI to TV). When I set the TV to 1920x1080 at 30hz refresh, everything works fine and TV shows 1080i input. But when I increased the refresh rate to 60 I've got flickering videos (it's like 15 fps) when I play movie on the TV (it shows 1080p input).

My TV can definitely do 60hz at 1080 (it actually can do 120hz). I checked my 4670 manual it said it can output to 1920x1080 at 32 bit color maxmimum at 85hz. My understanding is if it can do 85, 60 should be no problem as well.

I also tried to decrease the resolution to 720 but i still got flickering video at 60hz and smooth ones at 30hz.

I searched through the threads but found no solutions. My HDMI cable is without defect.

Any insight will be greatly appreciated!!!
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