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Hi All,

I built this Windows 7 64bit machine

- Gigabyte GA-MA785GMT-UD2H updated BIOS to F5 using @Bios

- Athlon II 630

- 2GB x 2 G.skill 1600mhz (on MB memory support list, was same price as the 1333mhz although I am just running it at 1333mhz keeping auto on in the bios)

- Gigabyte GV-R467ZL Radeon HD4670 video card w/ updated CCC 10.1 drivers

- WD Caviar Black 750gb

- iHos 4x BluRay

- OCZ 500W Modular PSU

- nMedia 5000B case

Using a Samsung LN-T4071F 40" LCD over HDMI. On-board graphics are disabled in the advanced BIOS setting.

There is one thing that annoy the heck out of me. When booting up, the system runs through the hardware profile fine, but the screen flashes hot pink for a second just after the Windows 7 flag bloom and disappears just prior to the desktop. This did not occur early after the initial Windows install. Unsatisfied with my brand new machine, I did a clean install (overkill right). This time the screen flashed red on the top half of the screen. After updating the 4670 driver, i'm back to pink. The issue does not occur in SafeMode. Any idea how to fix this? I just want the new PC to be operating perfectly.

Things I have tried without results.

1 - Enabling on-board graphics and disabling the 4670 yielded no change in the issue.

2 - I have the latest ATI 10.1 driver but have tried several older ATI drivers as well.

3 - I have tried varying quality HDMI cables with varying results in the color of the flash. (pink, green, red)

4 - I have changed HDMI ports. I am now using HDMI 1 named to "PC". The LCD manual tells me to use this one. I have read it changes the display to RGB pixel format. I made the ATI CCC change to RGB full and limited with no results.

I'm a rookie here, but learning. Gigabyte support is useless, and i'm desperately seeking some help.

Thanks in advance

Mark "High Yield"
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