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help a middle aged man.....

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i'm trying to automate my home theater setup with a home theater computer and a usb-uirt setup.

i wish to turn on my receiver, switch to SPDIF input, set the sound level to a preset, turn on my hdtv, switch to dvi input, and dim the lights (lutron/ir controlled dimmers).

when i'm done using the htpc, i want to turn up the lights, turn off the receiver, and turn off the hdtv.

i have all the ir codes.

how do i control the usb-uirt? a little hand holding is requested...

i use win2000, and meedio as a frontend.

i think i'll need girder....how do you get started with girder?

also meedio has girder plugins...i assume this allows you to send out girder commands from within meedio...

i would really like an explicit example such as how to turn on the receiver...

thanks for your help....i posted this in htpc forum as well, no responses to date.....
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what i bunch of slackers...

i bought girder and i'll figure it out by myself..

thanks for all the help...
Sorry about that, Doc, but this is a fairly slow Forum. Thus, responses are a little harder to come by here than in many other Forums.

My recommendation would be one of the Harmony remotes. They are "activity" based, so you can configure any of them to turn on and configure your receiver, HTPC, and HDTV with the touch of one button. Better yet, Harmony's technical support is the best I have seen anywhere. If you can't figure out a configuration problem for yourself you can reach a tech rep via a toll-free number who will get you over the hump.

I have had a 768 for nearly a year to run my HDTV, receiver, DVD player, and DVR. It has been GREAT. The more you use it the better you will get at refining its configuration. Some of our members have recently ordered 676s. See this thread:


Good luck!
If you can buy girder and figure it out for yourself, you don't need hand-holding (!). Girder is one of the most incomprehensible pieces of software I've seen in a long time.

In addition, the configurations and .gml files are so specific to your configuration that it's not too useful to look at examples.

I really like my Harmony 680, but unless all of your devices have full discrete controls, the Harmony doesn't get along with other remotes (or PCs with UIRTs or people pushing buttons), because they change the state of the device, which the Harmony tracks.

In fact, you might be able to build a kind of "Harmony" controller using a PC, IR reciever/transmitter, and Girder; Girder has state variables that you can use to (try to) track the state of devices which don't have discrete codes.

Personally, I have a IR receiver only on my HTPC, and I don't leave it on all the time; the Harmony "use PC" activity wakes up the PC if it's asleep, and has buttons for controlling the PC, but the PC doesn't in turn control any other devices.
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well, i got girder working..

it looks like it will do everything

i've got the computer controllling the tv, the receiver, the computer, the room lights, and the monitor.

the reason i woulkd never use a harmony is because the kids would destroy it within 6 months (not to mention i find it obscene to spend that much on a remote)

this way, i can buy some cheapo remotes from Sam's Club that will work girder, and girder will in turn control everything else..

single best purchase was the ir lutron maestro dimmer switches....

anyhow...girder isn't heart surgery...
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