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I'm still in the air as to what to buy, and had it narrowed down to a panny 46" sub 1k at costco till they sold out. Waiting for another deal or for the 50" to drop as it's way too much imo and prime for a big drop.

That said, they also have the Sony Bravia 52" for sub 1.5 k!

I won't buy anything that will need to be shipped separate of a pallet. I can tell you that in my early years of working in retail, a palleted set of products is going to ship in much better condition than something shipped and kicked at 10 different shipping junctions to your house finally. It may not die immediately but it WILL have a shorter lifespan...be it 5 minutes or 5 years.

So, that leaves my choices pretty slim. I do really want the plasma as I can't STAND the blur from LCD's.

The room I would put this in is dark for the most part except early morning. My CRT doesn't really get affected by this as it's back is to the window.

ALL my researched showed me wanting the panny plasma...but each time I visit costco I look at the panny's and see artifacts, dark color and a not so hot picture. My co worker recently picked one up and said it's better at home (obviously as they run 50' component cables to feed)...but when I look at those LCD's I'm pretty amazed by....

Not the sony, not the sammy - the vizio. I know right? Believe it or not the viewing angle was one of the best, the blur was limited on the 120 model to some degree, and it had the sharpest picture out of all of them. The sammy was too bright. When yo u tried to adjust it , it seemed like you were just putting a glare reducer like you would on a computer monitor. The contrast and brightness on lcds seems to suffer for some reason vs what you could do with a crt.

For example - on my sammy 24" computer monitor, I get annoyed at white screens (like the one I'm typing on now). When I dim it to the point where I can deal with it, it seems like it's too low. There is no 'just right' area while on crts - there is a whole range of 'just right'.

The plasma was able to boost the bright and contr a bit. I reset the settings when I view these tv's and for some reason find the Sony bravia or the vizio to be the best in overall quality but the sony lacks with angle and the sammy is HORRIBLE with angle. TOTAL loss in color, contrast etc when standing 5 feet from the tv and then moving 6 feet to the right or left (which is a pretty narrow viewing area).

The plasma ruled in viewing angle.

Is there anything else I need to know before I make my purchase guys? For me, it's either the Panny plasma or if there is a really good deal - the sony or vizio lcd 120hz.

Also, my gf is looking to pick something up to replace her 32" sony crt. She will not like the SD of a flat panel, I already know it. Her 32" is failing so options are limited. She's willing to spend some decent $$ but would also like the protection of the costco warranty and return policy...not to mention BB screws people like a sailor on shore leave so, as they are the only alternative with CC going under - what is the better at SD 'in general' - Plasma or LCD?

Is there any special gear one needs to buy other than HDMI cables to get the best picture quality in both hd and sd?

Thanks much and excuse me if some of these questions are seemingly ignorant and silly.


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.. if wishing to buy solely from Costco, do they have the new Vizio VP505XVT; its getting pretty good flair at the respective (Official) Thread. The 46" PZ80U is a good buy at BB & maybe you won't get 'screwed'. Otoh, the Samsung 50A550 is a good buy from CC & not all are going out of business .. at least I don't think so(?)

edit: HDMI is way to go; buy from forum sponsor "monoprice.com"; good quality for very good price.
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