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Help a Newbie?

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Can someone please direct me to a site, thread with good information or a reccomendation on a Rear Projection HDTV ready TV for under $2000?

I tried CNET, but I can't seem to find any other information or sites in this price range.

Thanks, I really appreciate it!

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This is the place! Either do a search here, or look back at the last 3-4 weeks of topics. You have a very popular question.

The short list is Hitachi, Toshiba, Sony, and Mitsibutshi. You'll have to decide on cost, size, features, and most of all, *percieved* picture quality to your (and any SO) eyes. Good luck!
Thanks Dave!

I appreciate it. My problem is, that when I read the details on these TV's, they make them out to sound great. I can't see what sets them apart from each other. I'm not too concerned with having any certain brand, I just want the best picture quality for my money.

I primarily want it for Football games, Regular movies on Direct TV, DVD's and of course HDTV. I want something in between 46" and 57".

The other thing that confuses me is the difference betwen 4:3 and 16:9.

I tried searching through these forums, but I can't seem to find what I'm looking for.

I really apprecaite any input from the experts ;)

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Why don't you head out to your local Best Buy, Circuit City, or other retailer of RPTVs. Depending on the store (and how busy they are) you might be able to get them to hook up a progressive scan DVD player through component video cables with a DVD (bring one you are familiar with - there was a good post a few days ago from someone asking for what DVDs to bring to sample RPTVs with). Compare the sets in your screen size / price range and discuss with the salespeople. When you have narrowed the selection down to a few, then do your research here by searching for the model numbers. You will read the good, bad, and ugly on each set. None are perfect. After reading, you might decide that there are other sets you want to see and consider. Call around to try and locate one locally for viewing.

Good luck!
When checking out the TVs in the stores, keep in mind that some stores don’t even adjust the convergence on their floor models. If a TV doesn’t look good in the store, it may not be the TV’s fault.
It looks like after some extensive research and going through a million threads, I've decided to go with the Toshiba 50HDX82. Does anyone have any thoughts on this selection? Keep in mind that my budget is less than $2000 and 90% of the time I'll watch Direct TV regular programming. The other 10% will be on DVDs.

Toshiba 50HDX82

This looks like a good selection since the March Cons. Reports Mag. says it's "among the best performers with DVD and HD images." HOWEVER, the same article lists its price as $2,400 so you'll be hard-pressed to find it for a whole lot less than that. Also, the article says that the set's optimum viewing height is 37 in. and that this height is "more critical than most".
Thanks Bill,

I actually found a place where I can get it for $1498. :p

Now this 37" thing. dOes that mean your eye level should be at 37" when seated? Sorry if I ask any stupid questions, I really am new at this.
Hello ronnydynamic,

That's a pretty fantastic price & although I'm new at this as well, if it would be me I would run -- not walk -- to the seller to be sure to get it at that price.

The referenced mag. article says for all sets that "images will dim if viewing height varies by a foot or more"; so it appears this set has an even smaller optimum area to view from than most RP units. But shouldn't be a problem unless you have many in your viewing family.

And I assume you've fleshed out the flickering problem issue and don't have concerns in this area.

The smaller Optimum viewing area has me concerned now. I'm glad you brought it up. Is there any way to find out the specs on that while comparing TVs?

From what I understand on the flickering problem, it seems to only happen on the occaisional set. Isn't that right?
Hello ronnydynamic,

Our dialog typifies my dilemma in what HDTV set to buy. Being a retiree on a limited budget, I can't spend thousands on something we won't be totally satisfied with; but once you see HD you want it & the Fall with Sun. & Mon. night football is fast approaching. That said, you should see a Toshiba 50HDX82 in person more so than reading specs. I hope you have some retailers nearby. We're miles from any.

Regarding the flickering issue, one discussion is at the below thread and there are others in this and other forums:

Oh me, what to do? On Monday, I'm going to buy a Sony because of overall long-term quality, then on Tues. I see many of them have some problem. So on Tuesday, I'm going to buy a Toshiba because of the fantastic picture, but on Wed., I find they often have the same or similar problems. So on Wed. I'm going to buy an Hitachi, then on Thurs. I read they're subject to some kind of a push. So on Thurs. -- you get the picture pardon the pun and that's one reason we're still looking at a 25" analog set.
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You're killing me here! :D

I think I'm still going for the Toshiba. I'll let you know how it turns out. Let me know which one you choose!
No matter how you look at it, as one who spent many years working for a consumer organization, I don't think you can go wrong by buying something that's rated by Cons. Reports Mag. as being "among the best performers" as this Toshiba is. Enjoy!
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