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I posted this in the HD DVD forum, but thought I would try here also.

I am trying to find the best option for audio playback of my A2. I currently am using hdmi (for audio only) to my Pioneer 74txi and component video to my Pioneer 630hd Tv (waiting for A2 firmware update to solve hdmi/dvi). My speakers are Beta 50's, 360 center, and 250es side and rear surrounds.

The problem is my receiver does not boost sub channel the required 10bd/15db. (a fix is in the works on this also from Pioneer) I have changed my speaker setup to all speakers large and sub yes and have a maacr set up that raises the sub 15db for when I play hddvd. I just change eq This seems to work "OK" for hddvd playpack. The disadvantage is with this speaker setup on other sources I loose the sub on non 5.1 material, still does not sound bad though, beta 50's have fairly good bass.

I am questioning is this the best compromize for my situation? I see my choices as follows:

1. Change a2 to optical out. I can go back to all small speakers setup and do not need a seperate maacr setting. Disadvantage I would loose TrueHD. Is there that much difference in truehd and dd+?

2. Leave a2 hdmi out for audio and speakers still to small and try to find a sub setting that works. (you can't boost sub output only this way you also boost redirected bass from other channels.

3. Use my current set up as discribed above.

I don't see me getting the Pioneer "fix" done as that seems to require taking receiver to a service center and possible shipping off to have fixed. I don't have a backup receiver and really don't want to be without for possible weeks.

Anyone else with this situation? Any thoughts on other setup options? Why can't manufactures "get it right"! I have two pieces of equipment that both need to be "fixed" or "updated"

Any input would be appreciated.


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