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Help/Advice needed: PS3 Advanced setup...

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I'm having an issue and I need some expert advice on setup or products that can help me.


Sat TV, PS3, XBMC Media PC

Zones: Main level Family room, Basement Theater, Basement Bar, Basement Workout Room.

All equip is in basement.

HDMI cable runs direct to Projector in Basement Theater, and another HDMI run to main level Family room Plasma. Bar and Workout room are fed via HDMI over cat5e baluns from monoprice.

All sources are Fed into 4x2 Monoprice switch. Sat TV is split to workout room before the switch.

So the workout room can only watch Sat TV, and the remaining 2 zones can watch the 3 sources independently from each other.

I split the basement main feed to 2 outputs (projector and bar LCD)

The Bar LCD is using 2 HDMI over cat5 (monoprice baluns)

I can watch Projector and Bar LCD on sources XBMC and Sat TV at 1080p/720p, but on the PS3 source only the Projector shows the display.

I'm at a loss because the signal works perfectly for 2/3 sources. But for the PS3 only the Projector gets the signal.

Now feeding the Projector and the Bar LCD is yet another 4x2 matrix splitter from monoprice in splitter mode, I'm not sure why the projector works but not the bar LCD.

It must be the HDMI over cat5, but it's odd that the same splitter/switcher can drive Dish Sat TV and XBMC over cat5 to that TV no problem. Only the PS3 Source on that switch results in a black screen.

I've heard that the PS3 is sensitive on HDMI, so my question is any experts have a similar experiences?

Any product recommendations to try and fix it? I have some analog runs to the Bar LCD but I'd prefer to keep digital.

I tried splitting the PS3 with a powered splitter and going direct HDMI over cat5e baluns but still no picture.

I know the PS2 works with this TV because I can hook it up directly and it works.

thanks for any help!
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Beyond my pay-grade, I'm afraid.

But these potentially useful threads popped up from a search using the AVS Google bar at the top of the page:

The search bar can be your best friend.
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Try WD40 to loosen up the signal
If possible, I would try taking PS3->HDMI->Cat5->Bar LCD.

If that works I would say it's a signal strength issue, possibly solved by this .

If it doesn't work then it's a handshake issue of some type between the ps3 and hdmi over cat5.

Could also try putting the ps3 in 720 to see if that solves the issue. A diagram with labels would also be very helpful so we can get a clear picture of the setup. I drew my own from the description but i want to be sure.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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