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Help after the DVX100

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I'm just now selling my AGDVX100A.

And I'm wanting to upgrade to an HD camera. I really need a camera that shoots to an SD card, much like the HMC150 does, in fact, i'd kill for an HMC150, but there cheapest is $2500 on ebay, and amazon. I'm looking for a good, reliable and camera between $1000 and $1500 USED. I don't really like the HMC40 , and I don't want a small camera, such as the Canon VIXIA HF G10, I want something about the size and look of my DVX, just in HD. I was thinking about the V1U, but it records to tape, and it's going into the dark ages. I was actually thinking about the HMC80 but even leaning MORE SO near the HXR-MC2000U, even though it's a shoulder mounted camera.

Why are the shoulder mounted cameras so cheap? I'm only worried about the dis advantages of having a a big camera, because my DVX was perfect size, although the MC2000u is nice and attractive, but feasible?

But please, some good answers. Thanks!
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Not sure why its fairly inexpensive myself,is it an old model certainly the V1U you mention is a very old model.
The MC2000 is not only a bit old, it's also using a below the range single 1/4" chip. Basically Sony had a better chip in their top consumer camcorders of that year. That's why it's so cheap. If it was any more money, almost nobody would buy it with specs that terrible. The HMC80 for $2,020 @B&H is actually a step above the MC2000. It's basically using the same chips as the HMC40.

You basically get what you pay for with shoulder mount cameras that are as cheap as those. The HMC150 would give you better low light capabilities than all of them if your willing to spend the extra money although it's not as sharp as the HMC80/HMC40 in good lighting.

Do you really need a large camera because something like the Panasonic X900 or the Canon G10 for example wouldn't be bad. I know you don't want something small but it's best to at least think about it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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