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Help all BenQ 6100 Owners

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I need help with 2 issues:

Ghost Problem:

I've been experimenting my BenQ 6100 and have discovered ghosts with my DVD player (interlaced only) and XBox via the X1 VGA to component cable. The ghosts are most noticeable on dark objects on lighter backgrounds, or most text. I've tried several different component cables all producing the same results.

• Could it be the X1 VGA to component cable?

• Could it be that I am using an interlaced DVD (soon to be replaced with a progressive scan DVD player)?

• Is this just the reality with component cables (always have a ghost)?

With a VGA signal the picture looks very crisp

No Color Adjustments:

I can not adjust the color for the controls are grayed out, yet the manual says that with a component input (the projector automatically detects a component input correctly) the “image†tab should allow for color adjustments. What's going on here? Can another 6100 owner test their system and let me know what they see?

Any advice here would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks everyone,

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I am getting a sense that since my DVD player is currently interlaced that perhaps my image issues are stemming from this.

I have an Xbox that I thought I set to progressive mode, but I see similar ghosts. I going to try Prince of Persia again tonight (480P) and see what interlaced versus progressive looks like by switching the Xbox back and forth via system setup.

I'll let you know what I find.

I got my 6100 a few days ago, and I'm seeing ghosting as well. Watched Robin Williams Live on Broadway last night, and on the main white menu, I could clearly see the ghosts around the text.

Im using a 25' Component Run, not pressed against any power sourced, and using a VGA->Component adapter.

It's annoying.. anyone have any ideas?
teluan posted a month later:

I have a BenQ 6100 and I've found that a HTPC is by far the best picture when set to 800x600. The picture from PowerDVD is very sharp, bright and colourfull. All other progrssive signals via the X1 VGA to component cable look soft and have ghosts all over the place (perhaps it the X1 cables quality?)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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