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HELP!!! Amp hook up gone bad.

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As stated in another thread, I got a great deal on a pair of adcom monoblocks. I hook them up to my marantz receivers preout and I get a loud buzz and some clicks the instant I turn on the amps and the buzz lessens but does not go away. So, I try going thru a yamaha preamp and same thing. What am I doing wrong? The amps input rca jack says "unbalanced"? What does that mean?


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may be it is faulty rca interconnect cables

try use another one and if same that may mean the adcom monoblocks are faulty

it will be rare if loud buzz from both channels

the monoblocks set to proper AC voltage input not 220-240v?

That could be a ground loop. Here's the FAQ thread about them.

As a quick test, you can temporarily try a cheater plug (3 prong to 2) on the amps to lift the ground and see if that lessons or eliminates the buzz.
I switched interconnects and the buzz/click on one of the amps is greatly reduced(but still there in very low level), But no change in the other. Also, when I turn on the one "worse amp" a warning light for high distortion comes on.


By the way, I really appreciate the help. I am really frustrated right now.
Okay. In order to make things less confusing, I will now refer to the 2 seperate moinoblks as "amp A" and "amp B".

Amp A had less buzz when I switched interconnects, but the buzz was still there to a minor degree and it still gave a loud click on turn off and had a static buzz after turn off for about 5 seconds. When I plugged amp A into a belkin power strip I had even less buzz, and no static buzz on turn off,but did a have a pop on turn off.

Amp B has no change with all the above changes and as stated before, the distortion lite goes on instantly on start up.

Using a cheater plug had no effect on either

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If you disconnect the amps from the preamp, do all the issues go away or do you still hear a buzz? If you do, I'd say the issue is strictly with the amps. Sorry, that's all my tired mind can think of at the moment.

Good luck - I hope you find a solution. :)
Problems still occur with just amp and speakers connected.

I'm going to take amps back tomorrow.

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