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Help! Another obligatory comparison request (Sony vs. Pioneer)

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So here's my dilemma... I have a budget to buy a Sony DA5000ES or a Pioneer Elite 56TXi (maybe even a Marantz...) and I'm stuck.

I've heard many great things about the Pioneer (and of course Marantz) from the forum members, but I'm stuck on this whole new Digital Amp technology and having to have the latest and greatest tech!

Both recievers sound like **** at Goodguys and I need to hear some opinions. Are the Sony Direct Drive ES receivers all that?

80% Movies, 20% Music

5.1 All Bowers and Wilkins 600 series speakers (incl. sub)

Medium sized room open completely on one side to the dining room

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From my 'trolling' around the internet HT forums, folks seem to have polarised tastes on receivers. Some seem to be 'flavour of the month' opinions; others give the impression that whilst they don't own high-end products, that they know everything about them, and others seem a little sheep like, in that if other folks (veritable strangers mind) think that Brand A is good, and Brand B is rubbish, then it must be so.

The ONLY real way IMV is to listen carefully for yourself.

At the end of the day, none of the flagship receivers from the major manufacturers are likely to be rubbish, and all will have similar, albeit different levels of performance re presentation.

What suits your tastes, may well not suit someone else, and vice versa.

At the moment, Sony does not seem to register amongst opinions as to the more popular receivers. Sometimes one comes across posts such as "I've had nothing but trouble with X receiver, and will never touch another Sony product etc" or "Denon make the best receivers going" - completely and understandably unsubstantiated opinion.

So you really do have to listen yourself I'm afraid.

Having said that, I have the TADA9000ES (eurasion version of STR-DA9000ES) and am very happy with it. It has excellent sound, beautiful build and finish, and sufficient 'features' to ensure the versatility needed in an up-to-date receiver.

Two things that I like about the Sony. One is it's proprietary Digital Cinema Sound which adds something rather special to the movie experience, and the other is that for the amount of power on hand, it's very cool running, which bodes well for longevity, as well as being of practical benefit re placement etc.

It's also extremely clear and detailed, which I like, and cuts through the muddle of mixes with great aplomb.

I can't give you an opinion on the Pioneer Elite unfortunately, as they are not imported to OZ, but I have heard an earlier model, and they are very good.

I don't forsee any problems running/matching the B&W's with the Sony; others may be able to help you more there.

Good luck with it, and hope this helps a little


John... :)
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