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HELP! Anyone with PT-AE1000U and VP50?

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I have a Panasonic PT-AE1000U Projector and recently purchased a DVDO VP50 video processor and have been running into major issues. I'm wondering if anyone else has this same setup.

My issues:

1 - When trying to use a PS3 and the VP50, the VP50 never detects the PS3 (or the PS3 dosn't see the VP50 so never sends video out via HDMI). If I by pass the VP50 and go directly to the projector or to my receiver I don't have a problem setting up the PS3 and the AE1000U, but put the VP50 and there is never any input detected.

2 - When trying to output my Toshiba HD-A1 HD-DVD player to the VP50... If I output 1080i via HDMI, the VP50 detects an unknown signal. If I try to output 480p or 720p, the VP50 doesn't detect any input. (If I output via component video it works fine)

I've also connected my HTPC via HDMI to the VP50 and it shows up with no issues.

I've tried everything I can think of: switching HDMI cables, removing receiver, sending PS3 output to receiver then to VP50, etc...

I've sent my VP50 in for repair twice already. Anchor Bay Technologies customer support has been good to work with, but they say in their lab with my unit they haven't had any issues output a PS3 via HDMI to the VP50. They said they actually saw some issues and were able to fixed it. However they haven't been outputting to the Panasonic projector, so I'm wondering if its has something to do with having my AE1000U in the picture.

Again everything works perfect without the VP50 connected.

I have a new VP50 arriving tomorrow and hope it will work, but just wondering if anyone has had any luck with an AE1000U and the VP50 (maybe even with a PS3).


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Well I decide to try with another display. I tried hooking my unit up to my CRT Rear Projection TV via HDMI and still doesn't work. I guess its not a display issue.

It sounds like hdcp or handshake issues,

or the hdmi cable is too long and you are having a signal degradation ..
I've tried multiple HDMI cables. Also even if I just try to play a DVD with the toshiba hd-dvd player I get nothing on the ouput and then the dvd display says no hdmi link.

I've also tried getting the video output from my Denon receiver to show up, but the VP50 doesn't think anything is trying to output to it.

Since I've been able to try a different display and have the same issue I think my device is just bad. (Also if I try outputing video from HD-DVD player or PS3 via component video then everything works, just not with HDMI out).


You have to ensure that it's set to on for all the devices on all inputs.

Then, make sure you first have the display plugged in and configured properly to accept the VP50. Once that part is done, then turn on the player and see if that works.
I use the VP-50 and PT1000U. PS3, X1 and Oppo 970 into the VP > receiver > projector.

I've had Zero problems with the projector. I vote is for a handshake issue and you most likely just need to reset everything (turn off, unplug).

When setting up the projector the first time, I didn't have to do anything but unplug the HDMI cable from the old projector and then plug it into the 1000.
I've reset everything multiple, multiple times, then sent in for repair, reset everything again, multiple times and still no luck.

I really thought it could have been a handshake issue too, but can't get it working.

I tried just output my OSD from my receiver thru the VP50 (via HDMI) and also don't get a signal detected on the VP50 from my receiver. When doing the OSD there is no HDCP required. Also I wouldn't expect there to be a HDCP handshake issue when trying to just show the menu of the HD-DVD Player or the no-disk dialog. The HDCP handshaking should occur once a movie tries to play if and only if it requires HDCP. (Tried playing a regular DVD, same thing).

Also i've seen handshake issue with the Toshiba and my regular TV and when that occured the HD-A1 sayed HDCP Error not HDMI no link like it says currently.

Oh well, I will be getting home in another couple hours and have a new VP50 waiting for me. Hopefully I won't run into issues with it.

Thanks for everyone's comments.


Note: I can get the output from the VP50 (menus, etc...) to show up on my projector, just can't get any input from HDMI into the VP50 to show up on my display. I also looked at the HDCP inputs for th input to make sure it was enabled.
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Just started to try out the new VP50 and everything so far looks to be working.
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