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Help, BDP-S301... Audio problem.

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I have two speakers hooked into the back of my blueray player but I can't adjust the volume of the speakers. If I hold them up to my ear I can hear they both have sound, I just cant get it to play any louder...

Any suggestions?

Video goes from my bdp-s301 to a HD-70 projector via hdmi and I have 2 speakers currently hooked into the back where it says left speaker/right speaker via component on the blueray player.

Do I need a receiver? If so, I just need to do audio, so would this one work?

Insignia 500W 5.1CH A/V Theatre Receiver.


Trying to keep the price down. I just need it for audio. I will only be using this room for blueray movies, period.

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ummm.... yea, you are gonna need an avr (or something to amplify the signal)...

are you serious?
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oh. my.
Haha, sorry for my ignorance. I am not a A/V guy. I'll stick to database programming.

Thanks for the info.
I dug this out of the basement... It was a x-mas gift like 3 years ago. It looked cheap so I never did anything with it.

Will this allow me to amplify my sound from my bdp-s301?

I just need sound amplification for my blueray player.

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Worked great. It has AM/FM, DVD, and two AV channels.
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