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Help! Best DVD for Panny th-50-px20

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I am confused.

I have the 50 inch consumer HD Panasonic Plasma and want to get a new DVD player. I want a high quality unit that I can keep for several years. Audio is reasonably important, and the audio system is Lexicon-Pass-VMPS.

The video stuff is where I get lost. It is unclear to me if the top of the line Onkyo (sp1000) or Denon (5910) video upscaling will work with my Panasonic. Local dealers I have visited are various levels of fools and the original dealer I worked with went BK.

Your thoughts... more specifically.....

I have read of upscaling via the hdmi or dvi inputs as compared to the component. I have also read that the specific pixel count and methods of formatting from the Denon only work with certain displayes. Any one have experience with my Panasonic?

I have also read that the upscaling from something relatively inexpensive such as the NeuNeo unit works via the component inputs and one does not need to utilize the digital video input. Is a NeuNeo really comparable picture quality level with a $2k Onkyo or $3.5k Denon???

Though I live in the SF Area and one would think there should be lots of local dealers, I can locate no local dealers for the Onkyo 1000 and for the Denon one dealer wants a deposit as it is a special order.

Any advice is appreciated.
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