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Need some input on a build.

Looking to be able to do 1080p MKV's.

Will be hooked to my Panny 50" S2 via HDMI

I do have some parts I could piece together but they are a bit older, not sure if it will do what I want. Can someone please give some input

AMD Athlon64 x2 5200 CPU (dual 2.6ghz)


4gb PC3200 RAM (mobo only supports 3200)

Don't have a video card, so I'm open to suggestions. Was looking at a GTX430

Also, need to know what software suite would be best suited for the MKV playback. Should I just use Media Center in Win7?

Would also like to be able to do Hulu/Netflix on it as well.

With this old junker be able to do it you think?
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