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I have an M&K VX 1250 Plate amp and a M&K 12 inch 17035 Super Fast 8 ohm woofer for a subwoofer project.

I intend to build a cabinet out of three quarter inch MDF - the same size as the M&K VX 1250 Subwoofer. (about 18 X 15.25 X 22 inches). The inside box for the woofer would be sealed with an inner wall about 17 inches from the front of the sub.

I am going to put Acousta Stuff in the cabinet.


- Do I just throw in 1 lb of the Acousta stuff, or do I have to glue it to the walls of the cabinet. It is a sealed enclosure. Do I just put it in a lump or pile or do I have to stick it to all the walls and the braces - if needed.

- Do I have to put in braces inside the enclosure and if so do I have to glue acousta stuff to them (if I have to glue it to anything).

Should this idea work, or am I being silly.

Thanks for any and all help.


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