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Is there anyway of bypassing AccessDTV card to work with an ATI Radeon 8500? The AccessDTV card comes with an RGB/HDTV output and it would be great if I can use my internal ATI 8500 graphic card to output HDTV through my DVI so that I can connect it into my projector’s DVI input.

My 1st HTPC

Black case with whisper power supply

Gigabyte Pentium 4 Titan Series GA-8lRXP

Intel CPU P4 1.8GHz socket 478 512k

DDRAM 512MB 64x64 PC-2100

Teac Floppy Drive Black

Toshiba DVD/CD-RW/CD-R Black

2X 80GB Maxtor Hard Drive

ATI 8500 Video Card AGP 64MB

M-Audio Audiophile

AccessDTV HDTV Decoder

OS – Windows 98SE

PowerDVD 4.0 XP

Thank you for your Help

Mr. Laser

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Not open for further replies.