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Hi There,

I have a freelance client that works Avid 1080i dnx-145 one with a Quantel eQ and HAL, both relying on color correcting on a Sony LMD-2450w.

Sony tells me I need to get a Minolta T11 to calibrate it. They also told me to calibrate it 601 SMPTE C 6500K. Another person who owns a calibration shop told me 709 HD and I should use a Tektronix spectrum analyzer and hook into the video card in the back.

I am a freelance engineer/tech and I am looking to please this client, I have done work for them once before. I am hoping to calibrate their computer edit monitors as well. One room has a Tektronix 5750 HD/SD waveform monitor and another has an sdi SD waveform monitor.

Can I perform a decent calibration with an X-rite pro or something less expensive than a Phillips or Minolta device for a Sony LMD monitor? It seems kinda low-end to color correct on to begin with.

They also have a sony PVM 20L5, I was wondering if a Minolta CA100 would be in any way useful for the potential job.

If anyone han help me out with a suggestion, it would be really helpful. Work has been kinda slow.


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