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Here are some of the factors to consider:

-Room size is 20' x 20' (couch is about 12' away..but living room is attached to kitchen, and we occasionally watch from there which is 25' away..but mostly watch from the couch)

-Will be watching 30-40% SD, the rest will be HD channels, bluray, and PS3

-Fairly bright room (but will be re-doing the blinds/curtains in next 6mo.)

-Screen size is important, however do not want to sacrifice quality by too much

-We don't really have too sharp of an eye to notice the finer details in PQ

The price at Best Buy (in CDN dollars) is $5000 for the Pioneer, and $6500 for the Panasonic. We are willing to pay the extra $1500, but is it worth it?

Thanks for your help!

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Originally Posted by omeletpants /forum/post/15415072

Same topic is covered in this thread


The topic in that thread is Panasonic TH58PZ850U vs. Pioneer Kuro 6020FD, which is different than the topic of this thread (PDP-6020FD vs TH65PZ850). In that thread, they are debating picture quality vs. cost at a similar screen size. In this thread, the OP is asking about picture quality vs screen size at a known seating distance irrespective of cost.

To respond to the OP, I think a viewing distance of 12' is long and an occasional viewing distance of 25' is extremely long. At that distance I would definitely get the larger TV. At 12', the 60" pioneer will look like 720p but the 65" panny will look like 1080p. And according to the viewing distance calculator, you need a 107" diagonal screen to achieve a 36 degree viewing angle (the THX recommended viewing angle) at 12'.

Here is some useful info to help you decide:


Personally I would recommend going to a local store with a tape measure and seeing which one you like better at 12' and 25'.
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