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HELP!- Can't get 1080p on my Samsung LE40M86BD

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HI All,

I have the samsung LE40M86BD LCD TV and cannot get a 1080p picture from my htpc.

Setup is as follows:

Pentium D 945 PC 3.4GHz

Windows XP MCE

Nvidia 7600GS (by inno3d)

Forceware 91.37 drivers (as supplied with graphics card)

Samsung TV - supports 1080p over component, VGA and HDMI

PC -> TV using 10m HDMI cable (1080p compatible) and DVI adapter

I have tried all sorts of tinkering with the Nvidia display driver but to no avail. I have displayed 1080i with no problems and tried using the Nvidia custom timings to change that to non-interlaced but that doesn't work. Incidentally, if I try to add a custom resolution in the Nvidia app, when I click add to add the new resolution I get no errors but the resolution is not added.

I have since downloaded PowerStrip but am unsure how to use it. I have been able to output a flawless 1080p using the powerstrip app and one of the predefined custom resolutions (1920x1080p 24Hz (EIA/CEA-861B)) but this is at 24Hz. I believe I should be able to get 1080p at 50 and 60Hz too!

I guess the above at least this proves it will display 1080p but how do I use powerstrip to enable 50Hz or 60Hz output?

A few points:

When I say I can't get 1080p at 50/60Hz I mean that the resulting display is unwatchable and obviously very wrong. The picture is displayed but the colours are all wrong with bright pink lines flickering all over the screen.

I noticed when rebooting my PC the Samsung TV shows the DOS boot screens and Windows XP logo but all black parts of the screen are bright pink and constantly flickering.Is this normal for a HDTV? My monitor doesn't misbehave like this! This happens even if I have the TV set configured to a resolution that it displays correctly prior to the reboot. It doesn't correct itself until Windows has fully loaded, I'm guessing because the Nvidia drivers are loaded by that time.

So far I have only used my desktop for testing purposes, in other words, I haven't tried sending video to the TV from the PC, only standard Windows graphics.

I have a PS3 attached using a separate HDMI port on the TV and it displays 1080p Blu-ray disks with no problems.

I'm hoping this is a simple timing issue that may be corrected with PowerStrip but I don't have the knowledge to set it correctly. Specifically, I understand resolutions and even refresh rates but have no clue about front/bakporch settings or how they are determined.

The only information of this sort that I have about the TV set is the following resolution and refresh details taken from the TV manual:

Applicable to HDMI connections

VESA Standard

Resolution: 1920x1080

Horizontal Frequency: 66.587 kHz

Vertical Frequency: 59.934 Hz

Pixel Clock: 138.500 MHz

Sync Polarity: +/-

The only time I got close to these figures was choosing the CVT-RB timing standard setting in the Nvidia driver. However the sync polarity could not be changed and was incorrect and when I tried the settings I got the same 'pink screen' as described above.

Please help as I have no idea what to try next!

Thanks in advance.
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I dont know the resolution to your problem but i will be getting a M86 myself soon, there is a different model name in the usa, you might want to change your title to M86(Europe) & LN-Txx65F (North America)

Then youl get a majority to help, compared to a minority:p

Have you tried updating the drivers?

There is an option i powerstrip to edit each resolution, you can change the resolution to exactly what you mentioned from the samsung manual by editing the vertical/horizontal timings as near as you can get...use the standard powerstrip template and just push that refresh rate up to 60 hz!
Thanks for the advice Dodge....have updated the title and will give powerstrip another try.

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Went back to powerstrip and tried again but still no luck.

I did manage to get an improved picture in that the pink scanlines in previous attempts that mostly covered the screen are now reduced to pink along the right hand vertical edge of screen text. My test screen has 'advent' written accross it in big bold white letters and it is on these letters that the pink 'highlighting' appears.

It seems like I may be getting closer but I could still use some help. Anyone know how to get rid of the pink?
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I assume you are adjusting your settings at the correct screen.

Right click on the powerstrip icon(system tray)/display details/configure.

You will get this screen:

Click on 'custom resolutions' you will get this:

From the left hand side, select one of the default 1920*1080p profiles and change the frequency on the right hand side according to the reccomended frequencies in the manual of the tv.

To do this usually just have to change the vertical and horizontal refresh rate.

If you still have no success, try changing the frequency slightly either way, you can also change the detailed option, eg synced width etc.

You can also try and enable 'composite sync' and changing the aspect ratio from 16:9 to 16:10

Give it a go and get back with the result!Hopefully you will be able to describe what happens, as then it will be easier to advise you furhter, based on the results you get.

Are you connecting to the vga port of via hdmi?

I had a similular problem with the R87 tv, it was just a matter of customising the settings in powerstrips.

If this doesnt work you can try also uninstalling your drivers and using driver cleaner to remove each trace of the drivers, then re install the latest ones again from the website.- In your case, getting the most up to date from nvidia.com may let you get the card working in 1080p using the nvidia control panel.
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