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Help choosing between Samsung Q90R and Bose 700 with sub+rears

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Hi All,

Kinda new to all this stuff. I have had floor standing wharfedale speakers and a receiver for a long long time and my receiver has died. I'm looking to buy a soundbar, sub and rears to replace it, I like the form factor and wireless design you gain from sound bars.

I'm in New Zealand and here the Q90R I can get for $1750 whereas the Bose 700 full setup will ring in $2700... I haven't heard either in person as there isn't really anywhere here that has them setup in a nice room or anything.

I don't actually have any Dolby Atmos content, I mostly stream from Netflix & Prime Video from my Samsung KS8000 4k TV which is a few years old so it won't support E-arc or atmos from netflix app etc I don't believe. Though having the future proofing of Atmos on the Q90R and the fact its 1/3rd cheaper has me leaning this direction. I've read nothing but great stories about the Bose setup and I like that is has Alexa/Google Assistant built in but thats not a deal breaker and amazon dots are cheap.

I guess the main issue holding my off from the samsung are I've read that its only OK for 5.1 / TV where the bose is great? Also all of the many many threads about sub/speaker wifi disconnect issues and sync problems have me a bit worried. most of those threads are months old now though so maybe Samsung have these under control now?

Do you guys think the Bose setup would be worth the cost difference or the Q90R is just a way better deal and paying most for now Atmos is crazy talk?

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If you feel you'll need Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, 4K HDR10/DV support in the future, then by all means buy the Samsung. If you absolutely value sound quality, then I guess the Bose is the better of the two.
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