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Please help me choose between Onkyo NR509 or NR609.

I can get the 509 for $199 and the 609 for $299 and both are brand new.

Is it worth it to go for the 609 model? IMO the THX certified, and the video up conversion in the 609 are not important.

It is so hard to make the decision. They are both good deal to me.
Please help. I need to make the decision early today.
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anyone has experiences on those, PLEASE HELP
Ill vote 609. More power = more headroom. It may not make a difference but at 299 its a good deal so I don't see why not.
I ordered the NR609 and should be here today. I agree with mjpearce; bite the bullet and get the NR609. The only problem with the NR609 is that it doesn't have any pre-outs to hook up an external amp. So if your speakers require an amp to drive them, the NR609 is not for you.

Originally Posted by mjpearce023 /forum/post/20813033

Ill vote 609. More power = more headroom. It may not make a difference but at 299 its a good deal so I don't see why not.

The 509 is $199 and that is a steal too. My question is even with slightly more power will the 609 make any difference in the performance? My speaker set is Jamo s606.

The 609 is well worth the additional 100 Dollars. Good bit stronger Amplifier Stage, THX Post Processing, etc.. Highly recommend reading the Home Theater Magazine Review of the 609. It did surprisingly well on the Test Bench for Output Power.


I actually tried the 609 and compare with the 509 and I can't really tell the difference. Now about the THX certified, its weird that I actually don't like it. It seems like I lose a lot of treble and bass in the THX mode and the sound is very small compare to Nero 6 or Dolby Mode. Does anyone have the same problem like me?

You might want to try THX Modes with RE EQ turned off. It has always made a big difference for me.


I know Fry's has the 609 for $299 earlier this week and the 509 is on sale for $199 today. Not sure if anyone else has these prices or not.
I was at Fry's tonight and the 609 was selling for $499. I missed the one day sale they had early this week for $299.
Yep, Fry's sales run Friday-Thursday. You've got until next Thursday to get the 509...provided they still have it in stock.
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