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Hey guys.

I'm in need of some recommendations to finish out my system.

So far this is what is in the HT:

Mitsubishi 62526 - 62" rear projection LCD TV

Scientific Atlanta HDTV Cable Box

Onkyo 504b - receiver

Sony NS300 - dvd player (I'm looking at replacing this with a progressive scan hdmi dvd player, but I can't decide if I really want to hook everything up to the tv, and use the digital out to the receiver, or if I want the reciever to do all of my a/v switching. At the moment, I'm thinking the latter, so if I replace the dvd player it won't be for a while)

Magnaxov VCR

Playstation 1

4 advent h200s (will be rears and surrounds, but currently setup in a 2.1 system)

I'm looking to finish out my system with two new fronts and a matching center. I am thinking that I would like to get a sub as well. I was hopint to keep the fronts and center under about 250 combined and the sub under 150. I mostly watch tv/dvds, but I do listen to some music every now and again on my HT system.

My other question has to do with cables. I'm told that you should be spending about 10% of the cost of your HT system on cables. How true is this? I need to purchase optical and component cables for the dvd player and the cable box. The VCR and the Playstation run on RCA. Do I really need to purcahse Monster cables or are just regular no-name cables okay?

Thanks for all of the input.

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