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Help connecting 5040 to Verizon DSL

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I am currently using Verizon DSL. In order to connect I need to log on using my computer to WinPoet. The setup I have now is; PC and ReplayTv hooked up to a hub. The uplink on the hub is connected to the DSL modem. When trying to run the setup utility and search for a network connection, I have no luck.

Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance.
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Well, my suggestion is to get a Router that can automatically log you in to WinPoet on its own.

Linksys routers spring to mind.

I don't know of any patches to a hub that allows for IP sharing and WinPoet. The hub system would work automatically if you had multiple IP addresses, which is another option. For like $10 a month Verizon DSL can give you 5 more IPs. But you can get a router for around $50 and share the one IP without ever having to login.
heathriel is correct I use Verizon DSL and a Linksys router. What you will have to do it configure the router to make a PPPOE connection, very easy Linksys has detailed instructions on their web site even specific instructions for Verion. You will have to delete the WinPoet software from your PC and set it up to get an IP address from the router.

This is great for me I was a little disapointed that Verizon expects it's customers to logon every time thay want to use the internet. With this router I never have to logon it keeps me connected al the time.
Yup, a router with pppoe capability like the linksys (or most others) will do just fine, and you won't be sacrificing any bandwidth the way you do with a hub. And, your internet connection will always be on (a real bonus). And the router is inherently more secure anyway (because of NAT).

By the way, I prefer giving each of my internal pcs or devices its own static internal ip address (in the form of rather than using the router's dhcp capability. There have been various reports on this forum about problems using dhcp with replay, and whatever the story is with that, you sidestep any issues by using static ips. (And, if you use static ips, your pcs will boot faster since they don't need to wait to be assigned an ip address on reboot and you'll always know which pc or replay has which ip when you're trying to access it from another pc on your lan.)
Thanks for all of the help. Do you guys happen to know where I can find a list of routers that support PPPoe? When searching online for routers this feature is not one listed for most of the routers I have looked at. Even when going to the Linksys website I don't see on the tech specs PPPoe connection being one of the features.

Thanks in advance. Hopefully I can get my 5040 running by tonight.
i agree. _every_ problem i had with verizon went away when i got a linksys router. Make sure you use verizon's nukepoet software and get rid of every ounce of winpoet on your computer, its simply awful..

compusa has the wireless version of what i have on sale

Linksys wireless router

99 bucks after rebate with a 4 port switch built in.. would probably be perfect for you, especially if you want wireless later on, if not i recommend this model..

Linksys cable/dsl router

on sale for 70 bucks after rebate

if you have any config questions drop me a line

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Do you happen to have a 2.4ghz phone? I wonder if this would interfere in any way?
I know that the linksys 4 port router and the linksys 4 port wireless router both handle pppoe (I have used them both). I would guess the routers made by any major manufacturer would as well, but the only way to really check is to ask someone who knows or to download the manual from the manufacturer's website and look at the setup instructions. For example, see page 14 of the linksys wireless router manual here: ftp://ftp.linksys.com/pdf/befw11s4ug.pdf

Don't be intimidated by all of this -- setting up a router is very very intuitive and straight forward even if you've never done it before.
The Linksys BEFSR41 V.2 definitely includes PPPoE which I use to connect to Bellsouth DSL. I have two Replays and two computers and have not had a problem. I used cat5 cable because of the comments on this forum that streaming is not real reliable on wireless.
Thanks for all of the help. I just went and got the Linksys router from compusa and will try it out tonight.
glad.. i hope it works smoothly for you, it should

if you use programs such as kazaa, winmx, etc.. you may need to fort specific ports

do a google search, its easy to do.

if you have just on replay, you should be up and running in under 30 mins..

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