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My problem is not with getting the HDTV to display my desktop. My problem is not with the resolution. My problem is that if my computers wakes up from sleep or a reboot, and the HDTV is off, nvidia can not detect the display, unless I reboot with the HDTV on.


card: nvidia 7800GT with 2 DVI ports

primary monitor: Samsung SyncMaster 245BW LCD monitor

secondary monitor: Samsung LN46A530 LCD HDTV

os: vista business 64 bit

The monitor is connected with a DVI to HDMI converter, a HDMI cable, and a HDMI to DVI converter.

The HDTV is connected with a DVI to HDMI converter and a HDMI cable.

I don't want both displays running at the same time, I want one, or the other. They are in two different rooms and I don't want to deal with a window being off the current screen. I also don't want to deal with dualview when using the computer and not the TV.

I have the profiles saved and I can load these profiles by opening the nvidia control panel, profile, load. If the computer is detecting the HDTV at this time, it loads the profile just fine, and then I can load back the monitor profile just fine. I would like a shortcut or hotkey to do this, but with just the nvidia control panel I can not see how to do this.

The main problem is that the computer often refuses to detect the HDTV. If the computer wakes up or boots while the HDTV is off, the display is not detected. I can then turn on the HDTV, and it is not detected. I can then try rigorous display connection, and it is not detected. I can then try force TV detection, and it is not detected.

What does work though, is restarting the computer, with the HDTV on. I can then switch profiles to the HDTV just fine.

I can even then switch the HDTV off, back on. I can switch back to the monitor, then turn the HDTV off, then switch back to the HDTV. Even with the HDTV off the display switches (monitor turns off), and I can wait as long as I want before turning the HDTV on, and when I do the images displays.

All of this works as long as the HDTV was on when the computer booted.

So... any ideas? I think this is absolutely ridiculous, and I am fed up with nvidia right now.
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