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Newbie to HD. I am planning on upgrading to a HD set up at home. Here is what I will have as AV sources

PC AV source. Video is from DVI and audio is from optical or coax or RCA

Sat/Cable source. HDMI or component with coax/optical

DVD player. HDMI and coax only.

Xbox 360.

I don't like to have more equipment than necessary. Therefore, I would like to buy an AMP to use a switcher as well. The question is how to make them work together easily and what I should consider when choosing an AMP.

1. If video sources are all from HMDI, can an AMP switch with different audio sources?

2. If audio sources are mixec coax and optical, can the amp detect them automatically? Or at least remember which video-audio source are associated once I set them up?

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