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HELP!!! DaLite perm wall question

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I have asked this very same question before, and no one wants to answer it:

Why would any manufacturer make a screen translucent when it can be made opaque?

Unless there is some reason that the picture quality is improved with translucent screens, it just seems ridiculous to me also. With the price that these companies charge for their screens, you would think that they would manufacture them all with opaque material.

Does anyone know?


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The picture is most definitely not improved by a translucent screen. For maximum picture quality and contrast the wall behind the screen and 2 feet on every side should be black. I glued black velveteen material on my front wall and it turned out very well. The whole wall appears to fade into the floor.


You are correct. I can't answer you either http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/wink.gif .

I got a DaLite DaMat screen and frame. The screen is white with no backing it appears light will go through the screen somewhat. This screen is going to be placing agents a whit wall. Will I have wash out from light trying to come back through it? I understand you can order a black back on them but that option was not given to me when I ordered so I guess I got stuck with the wrong screen. Should I put a piece of black cloth behind it? Or is this not a problem. I can’t believe da-lite would make a screen that mounts to a wall that light travels through. It just seems stupid.
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