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Help Deciding on Widescreen

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I went and looked today at widescreen RPTV's. I narrowed my search down to (4) 65" choices. Sony $2599, Hitachi $2899, Mitsubishi Floor Model $2399 or a new Mitsy for $2999.00 this one is integrated already the others are not. Does anyone have any advice or personal opinions on what one is the best value for the price. I viewed these in the stretch mode for standard DTV and viewed HDTV and didnt notice a big difference in any of them.

Also the extended service contract they offer for $499.00 for 4 years , is this really needed ?

Thanks for any help guys.
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Stay away from floor models.

I say go with the integrated Mits (best overall PQ IMO of the mentioned sets). With the integrated firewire, you can connect D-VHS and record HDTV right away.
Where were you shopping? The floor model is probably last years model: 65311. The new one is 65513, which everyone says is drastically improved.

If at Best Buy, it was probably an even worse model than the 65311.

(I think I'd go for the new Mitsu)
LCD or DLP is a much better choice for HTPC. I would never recommend a CRT set for this application because of the supported resolutions and burn-in concerns.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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