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Help deicde: Klipsch RP402 Surrounds for 5.1 or Monoprice THX-265B for 5.1.2

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My set up will be:

Denon X3500 Receiver
Klipsch 440D L/C/R passive soundbar
+ two surrounds on speaker stands
+ a small sub, model TBD

My living room is in an apartment, open floor plan with kitchen and windows on one side so not really a squared/walled off living room.

Speakers will be on stands next to the couch, can't put anything behind me.

I like how Klipsch's RP402's are bi-directional and pretty powerful. I listen to a lot of music and enjoy using my rears during music for filling the room. Attracted to Monoprice's bookshelves that have Atmos baked in as there aren't a lot of good small speakers with upfiring built in. I've never mixed speaker brands in a setup before so not sure how that will go.

We watch more dialogue/music heavy stuff and sports moreso than movies so I'm not sure how frequently atmos would be deployed. So just curious what the community would do between those two options.
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