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Hello everyone. I just recently decided to upgrade my 10 year old Hitachi DLP 60 inch TV. It only does 720p and is starting to show its wear and with my recent purchase of Xbox One I wanted to be sure my TV does 1080p. I purchased the Sharp LC60LE452U for $799 which I feel is a great deal. But now reading around the TV doesn't have the best reviews:((( This TV is primarily for gaming so I have a few questions hopefully you can answer….

1.) By going from my old 720p DLP to 1080P LED will the picture be better regardless??

2.) Is 1080p that much better than 720p on games?

3.) I have a Panasonic Plasma in my main room that is for movies and my PS4. How much better is that than this TV?

4.) Is this TV good for my xbox one?

5.) I haven't opened it so I am trying to see if I should or just return it? Sears charges 15% restocking fee if opened

thanks everyone!!!

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