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Help! DLP TV won't turn on!

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I have the Toshiba 52HM94 DLP TV and this morning it wouldn't turn on. I just used it yesterday evening and it was working fine. It's still under warranty (had it about 11 months), so I called Toshiba and they gave me the names of 2 service centers in my area so someone could come look at it. One of them won't come to my house (too far they say) and the other is closed for the holidays until 1/3/06. Ugh! Given that I'm entertaining at my house twice in the next week, I really would like it to be fixed sooner rather than later. Anyway, I'm hoping someone on here might have some ideas. The green LED on the front of the TV blinks about 3 times in 3 seconds and then goes off for 1-2 seconds before repeating this sequence. The red LED is completely off. This pattern of light blinking does not match any of the scenarios described in the troubleshooting section of the TV's manual. When I try to turn on the TV, it does absolutely nothing (regardless of whether I'm using the remote or pressing the button on the front of the TV). About the only unusual thing I've noticed is that the fan/motor that constantly runs even when the TV is turned off, now runs for about 10-15 seconds, shuts down for about a second, and then turns back on. I've never noticed it doing that before. I've tried unplugging the TV and resetting it - no luck. [I'm pretty sure it's not the lamp b/c a) I haven't used the TV for nearly the number of hours of a lamp's life span and b) the Toshiba guy said if it were the lamp, the TV would try to come on and then would provide some codes on the screen.] Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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Sorry, but this sounds like you need a service call rather than something you can easily fix yourself.
Bill, Thanks for your response. Yes, I'm assuming that I'm going to have to hold out for a service call, but figured maybe somebody would have some suggestions. Thanks for your time.
Hate to tell you but it sounds like a service call only resolution.

I will say that you may be able to tell if it's the lamp by just looking at the back of the set after you turn it on. See if you can see the lamp illuminating inside the plastic shroud. If the lamp is powering up then you have a problem somewhere else. However if the lamp is NOTon you might be able to just change the bulb and be back in business.

So basically
  • is the lamp on
  • are the fans running(humming making noise)
  • is the color wheel spinning(whirring noise)

If all those things are true then you have a problem that you can't fix without a service call repair.

This is from my experience with my HL-R6768 thats still in for service as of now.

I think my DMD board went bad but I'm not sure yet as the shop has yet to even touch my set. :mad:

Hopefully it's just your bulb or ballast.

Good luck.
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Thanks for your suggestions. Neither the lamp nor the spinning color wheel seem to be operating when I try to turn on the TV, but I'm not convinced that's because there's anything wrong with them. The TV doesn't respond at all when I try to turn it on or even act as though it's trying to turn on (I'm not even getting that 'click' that you hear when the TV first turns on), so I'm thinking that may be why nothing seems to be working. Like I said in my original post, I can hear the fan (or motor) running, but it's running sporadically which is something I've never noticed before. I wonder if maybe that has something to do with the problem. Anyway, thanks again for your suggestions. Hope you get your TV back soon.
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