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HELP!! Do I wait for the new LCD's or buy plasma now?

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I have been reading about the new LG 55" and Samsung 57" LCD's coming down the pike..

I have a 42" Sony Wega LCD at work hooked up to Comcast HD and the Pic is outstanding... However I went to Circuit City to see the 55" Sony Wega LCD (running through Directv HD feed) and I thought it was lousy in comparison.. Perhaps the larger screen size just doesn't work...to much artifact..

Will the new LCD's coming have a much better pic? They are talking about 1920X1080 I believe... Will they get a decent SD pic?

I currectly own a Pioneer 610 elite 58" RPTV but want to upgrade to newer technology.. Picture quality is the most important!

I have a H10 Directv HD receiver. Should I look at the new Pioneer 50" plasmas or the Fujitsu 50/40 which is highly touted by Magnolia Audio Video

here in Seattle...

I believe LCD's have the potential of a great pic and the newer LCD's are suppose to deliver better blacks...

I know they will be expensive..that is not an issue..

Any suggestions please?

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The SONY QUALIA 005 46 inch LCD is coming around July. Has 1980x1020, improved blacks, etc. Supposedly tops any Plasma currently available-if you read the comments. Who knows until we see it.
Depends on how long you can, or are willing to wait. If you want a flat panel today get the Pio or Fuji. If you can wait, there will always be new technology in the future.
If you like watching sports and fast action go Plasma. I've seen the 45" LCD and PQ is great until fast motion occurs and image artifacts can be seen but it cannot touch the PQ of the new Pio 5050 or the 1410HD at 61". Large LCD's cost more than current quality plasma's. New Quality Plasma's have great scaling capabilities to improve that SD viewing we're still stuck with part-time.

I've yet to see any numbers of forum postings raving about LCD panels - the raves are coming from the Pio/Panny/NEC/Fujitsu plasma owners, over and over again. I've read that the next generation large LCd's will be priced at about $25K and the current 45" is about $8K or more.

The Qualia is getting raves but it is turning them out at a snails pace and no discounting period from MSRP and it's no wonder Sony TV Division is loosing huge amounts of money - their product turnaround is slow motion compared to their competitors - Samsung brings out 3 generations of product in the time Sony has one and Samsung will soon be bypassing Sony with their new 1080P DLP's (at half the price of Qualia) and awesome spec's on totally new plasma line (includes new 80" 63" 55" with 10:000:1 CR and 68 Billion colors and larger LCD's during the next 3-4 months. Shop wisely and in accordance with type of viewing you do and the environment where you view - Light, Dark, Action Sports, SD Viewing - Theres a plasma to fit all these environs but LCD may not meet them all like plasma does.

Wishing you good viewing!
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Originally posted by westa6969
...Samsung will soon be bypassing Sony with their new 1080P DLP's (at half the price of Qualia) and awesome spec's on totally new plasma line (includes new 80" 63" 55" with 10:000:1 CR and 68 Billion colors and larger LCD's during the next 3-4 months....
What additional information do you have on there new plasma line?

You'll find a slide-show of many here. The Samsung plasma will have the same look across all sizes with built in speakers and stand and looks pretty awesome. Hopefully the spec's are the real deal but they pretty much match the latest NEC Models. I would also agree with Mit7 above if you cannot wait the Pio is awesome and my favorite for now I havn't seen a Fujitsu but heard they are the Mercedes of Plasma with a price to match that reputation.



The 55" panel may be from another panel maker with Samsung customizing it, I think the only 55's are Hitachi, Fujitsu, Sony (Sony doesn't make it's own panels and is getting out of plasma). Samsung has a partner patent sharing agreement with Sony developed recently and perhaps they are doing the same with others? thereby improving market share and making them a genuine player in plasma in the future up there with Pio/Panny/NEC and to counteract LG their main S. Korean competitor.

There was an extensive thread on this a few weeks back with pictures by a member that was at CES and posted dozens of photo's covering Plasma and DLP. The large Sammy Plasma's got the press and I've viewed other press releases but my PC drive died last week and had to rebuild it and lost the shortcuts to other articles. Good Luck
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