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I want to hook an ipod up to my Nakamitchi cd-500 headunit. When i hit the source button it shows 2 aux inputs. when i look at the back of the head-unit i only see an input for a cd changer with a proprietary input and what appears to be a single female rca jack input labeled auxilary. How could this be?? it could be a digital coax but that doesn't make sense. And if it is a digital coax then figure it woud be impossible to connect my ipod directly to it. If it is a single rca jack even if i use a adapters to ultimately get 2 rca's going in to the single male rca jack i'm afraid the headunit would still process mono sound. that would be terrible!! does anyone know how i could get an ipod wired directly to a CD-500 while keeping stereo sound!! Please help me
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