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I recently hooked up an HTPC to a HT200 to compare the projector's scaler vs. the HTPC for DirecTV. It seems as if DScaler did a better job at eliminated jaggies, but objects with little motion were very soft compared to the projectors scaler. I would probably prefer the PJ's own scaler on most channels.

I was using a PIII 866 with a Radeon set to 800X600. Input was comparing Y/C and composite input from DirecTV into an AVermedia TV98 card. (Which shows no vertical noise BTW)

DScaler was basically the default settings for "best" picture quality. It seemed as if adaptive and Greedy 2-frame were the best deinterlacing methods. Filters didn't seem to help. Screen output was set to 4:3. I didn't change pixel size.( Clueless as to what it was for.)

What settings should I be using for this setup? and is there a place to find out about the different settings in DScaler?

I did not think that the ATI player was much different from the PJ's internal scaler either. At this point I wouldn't bother hooking a HTPC up to this PJ. I would save the money and put it toward a grayhawk.

If anyone wants a good deal on this PJ, let me know. I could probably arrange for a very good deal on this one.

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