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Noobie needs some more help. Trying to get sub to match with new Take 5's and Pioneer 919. Last piece of the puzzle and money is running out...

In Canada, so choices are limited. Can somebody give me advice re. the following choices:

1. New Energy ESW-C8 , $300

2. Used Energy eXL-S8 , guy's asking $180 which seems ridiculous; might offer $100

Main concern between the two: room size, frequency response, crossover and power. Got any advice?

3. Could also get Klipsch RPW-10 for $300, but hear that it's not great for music compared to the Energies.

Here's the set up:

Room: 11x14, but opens up to a second room (open concept, no door) of identical size. Second room will not be used for music or TV, but I figured it might matter anyway?

Primary use: 80% music, 20% movies; no gaming

Listening habits: Rock; don't need windows to shake; have three small kids; WAF in effect

Appearance: Black, would like to match speakers (Takes)

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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