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Hi all,

I purchased a 6100 refurb for $800 from Projector People 37 months ago and could not have been more pleased. I just passed 4k hours.

Now I have a red band across the top and a blue one across the bottom. I project at 120 inch on a wall, and the bands are about three fingers high all the way across the screen. I recently installed a small space heater in the basement, but the room temp never got over 67 degrees. I also could have cleaned the pj filter more frequently. I can still watch it now, but would like some input on:

1. Is this caused by organic panel degradation?

2. Did I speed up the degradation with the heater, infrequent filter cleaning?

3. How much longer before the pj becomes unwatchable?

My wife and I are teachers, so we don't have mad cash to drop. I would watch this until next fall if I could, but if someone one Craigs List would be interested in this thing as is for $100-$200, I could try to get rid of my 6100 and replace with the 8345 refurb or 8350 refurb at visual apex.

Thanks in advance for your input.
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