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Help FFdshow

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I try to build a graph with Graphedit but it is impossible to connect Sonic video decoder with FFdshow mpeg4.I want to insert this graph in Zoomplayer 290. The SO is XP Proffesional.I´ve already created a registry called AllowAllRenderers with value 1, but still not. What do I miss or which is the way to do it?

Thank you.
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The Sonic decoder DECODES Mpeg2 (I assume also 1) into RAW pixels (various formats) - why would you want to try to feed that into Mpeg4 DECODER logic?

Try turning on RAW input in FFDSHOW.
I don´t know if I´m going in the right direction. I´ve seen here in the forum that FFdshow is a way to improve the picture quality I get from Sonic Cineplayer or any other decoder, that´s why I am trying to do so. I´ve also heard abouut DScaler filter and a Win DVD denoising filter. Do you have experience on this matter? Is it really worth trying all these decoders? I don´t work much with computers and sometimes I feel like loosing time to get nothing.
Actually, I'm just a dabbler - there are many far more knowledgeable. I just responded when I saw no one else had done so.

Zoom has it's own forum and faq/help for manual inclusion of filters, although 2.90 is very old.

Keep in mind that there is a long chain of processes to 'play' a DVD.

Read disk

(Possibly) validate region

(Possibly) decrypt

Demux (split) the interleaved video and audio streams

Decode(decompress) video/audio streams

Enhance(a very subjective term) video/audio streams

Synchronize(mix) video/audio streams

Render(display) video/audio

Different companies may do this by combining some steps into a single module. Some companies may choose to use DirectShow standards; others may choose to be proprietary; others may have a proprietary player and also provide some processes as DirectShow. Some players allow manual or 'automagic' inclusion of filters; some do not.

Is it all worth it? Only you can ever answer that and much depends upon your display device. But you might note that the FFDSHOW thread is now past 158 pages, so there does seem to be some interest.

See also my comments in this thread
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