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I already bought a YAS-101 for $190 (costco, their 1010 version), figuring I could/will add a sub for $100-150 later. But I've always been attracted to the YAS-400 & -401 units, with the shelf-mount sub & 3-channel bar. I'm seeing YAS-400 refurbs for about $300, so it's really a wash.

Given the following points, what would YOU purchase?:
  • The shelf-mount sub works fine w/my setup...as would a wired sub w/the YAS-101
  • I'm running a new Pany U-series plasma with a Sony BDP-BX-59 blu-ray and Dish Network Hopper system (the 'Joey' 2ndary box, not the main PVR).
  • It's in a bedroom, not my primary home theater, but the idea is to be able to watch movies there without too big of a dropoff in sound quality
  • I'd LIKE to program my Dish remote to control the volume, like I do w/my Onkyo receiver in my living room(only volume, not any other soundbar controls). If impossible, I'd be OK buying a cheap universal remote later
  • With the YAS-400 not having ARC, am I losing anything at all if I find a way to control volume w/my Dish remote (or future universal remote)?

Thank you for your help
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