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So my 3 year old decided to go Indiana Jones on my Samsung plasma...needless to say it met an untimely end.

I'm looking for a 42" replacement (largest that will fit in the entertainment center), and hoping to get a smart-tv enabled set.

Here's what I'd like:

- "Smart TV" : Does not have to be wireless as I have hard drops in the house.

- 120 Hz

- Ability to play Netflix, Amazon Prime, and MLB.tv

- DLNA capable with the ability to stream .mkv (preferably with DTS audio)

- IPS panel

- Under $600

What it doesn't need to have:

- 3D

The closest I've found is a Panasonic TC-L42E50. Meets all the criteria above, except that it won't play DTS from a .mkv container. Most of my blu-ray rips are DTS track 1, and Dolby if available as a secondary track. I'm not about to re-encode all of my movies.

I have a 2011 LG 47LV5500 in another room with the Plex app, but no DTS support. In 2012 they added DTS support, but for some reason discontinued the Plex app on their 2013 models...

Anyone have any good recommendations?
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