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Help finding out tune of sub

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Unfortunatly I found out about this forum after I built my subwoofer. The enclosure is 8 cf with a 5"-5"-27" square port. I used the Dayton 15" hf driver with a dayton 240 amp. Can anyone help me out and tell me aprox what tune on this sub would be. Also if anyone has any recomendations on what would improve it. It sounds very good by my standards which probably isnt much. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I will try to post some pics of it when I get home tonight. Thanks
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Use WinISD Pro Alpha. Anyway, i'll do the numbers for you now. As it is, your box is tuned to 29Hz, which is great for music but may be a bit high for home theater. If you don't have a high pass filter you risk bottoming out the sub, but not with that amp.

Is it worth redesigning the box a bit? I'd say yes. But only if you also get a bigger amp to go with it.
Do you think its possible if I either shorten up the port or narrow it down to 4.25" by 4.25" to get a better tune. One other option would be to seal up the port but I dont know if that would help at all. Im sorry for my ignorance but dosent the amp have a high pass filter built in.
It's actually the opposite - for a given port diameter you decrease tuning frequency by making the port longer. Narrowing it is an option, yes, but depending on the level that the sub is played at you may get port noise (chuffing). I'll take a detailed look tomorrow.

As far as i remember, yes the amp has a highpass built in, if i remember right it was at 20Hz but i'm not sure.
Thank you for looking into this I cant figure out how to use winsd I couldnt even find the dayton 15hf in the driver listing. I would really like to get the sub to 20 hz if possible, which I dont know if it is with only 240 watts. What I was thinking is shrinking the port down to either 4.25" by 5" or 4.25 by 4.25. I just need to get the correct length for either. the port is built into the corner of the sub if that makes any difference. Thanks again andI am also open to any other options other then rebuildin the enclosure I have to much into it already. I will post pics in about 2 or 3 hours so you have a better idea of what i am talking about.
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